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Why Sell Your Website with Me?

​Over the last few years there has been a great maturation of the marketplace for selling websites. Not long ago the way to sell a website was limited to exclusive brokers or a few forums. Next came Flippa which did a great job to turn the process for buying/selling into a marketplace. Today I am happy to say there are plenty of options available to us to sell their website!

The best option in my opinion for sites making under $1k a month or sites not built well is to sell on Flippa. There is still a lot of crap/trolls on flippa so it can be hard to get premium pricing. (sell on Flippa)

Sites making over $1k per month, with some history and built reasonably well (not all low quality PBN links) the best option to have a smooth process and get a premium price tag is...

  • EmpireFlippers
  • FE International

Sites valued at over the $1million dollar mark should be sold to a broker or direct investors. This is how you will get the most money for your site.

But there is still a large gap I see in the marketplace!

If you want to sell your website FAST you are very limited in your options!

There can be many reasons to turn your income producing website into cash in a hurry...

  • Medical bills
  • Time sensitive business investment
  • Overrun on wedding budget
  • Down payment needed for house ASAP
  • Other

So what do you do if you have a website that is making money but you need to sell it fast?

Over the past year I have been selecting sites to buy each month and often from the time the potential seller has emailed me/provided me with income proof I have been able to get money into their PayPal account in under 24hrs!

If you have a website and you are looking to sell fast, please fill out the form above and I would be happy to discuss and if its right for both of us, get the money into your account within 24 hours!